Update 5/19/2015: Hunter has been adopted! He moved to Florida and is with a new family and a dog as a playmate. He arrived there two days ago and seems like he is doing well. He has an acre fenced yard with access to 35 acres and and pond. He is getting along with his new playmate.


Hunter is a 11-month old male Boerboel that is looking for a new home. He is a sweet boy with his family, but he needs more room to run and would do best in a country atmosphere. He adores his family, and loves to play. His family regrets the decision to give him up, but feel he would do better if he has more space to run and play and has a job to do. He has been working with a professional trainer, and they are available to speak with potential screened adopters about his personality and temperament.

Hunter - Boerboel Rescue

Boerboel Rescue - Hunter

20150406_122544-Hunter-Boerboel-RescueAdditional details about Hunter:

  • Male, 11 months old
  • Neutered and microchipped
  • All vaccinations are up-to-date
  • Currently on heartworm preventative
  • Potty-trained and sleeps through the night
  • Knows some obedience commands:  Sit, Come, Down
  • Will go into a crate (unwillingly, doesn’t like it)
  • Sleeps on his bed, next to his owner’s bed
  • Lead aggressive — not to be tethered or tied
  • Does well at dog parks with dogs and people
  • Dominant male, needs a strong alpha, but loving with his family
  • He is reactive with strangers when on a leash walk (needs continued work and training)
  • Needs human companionship; not the type of dog that can be left alone all day
  • Needs room to run!
  • Will do best with a job to do!
  • Great mellow behavior most of the time (unless he doesn’t get exercised)
  • High prey drive and chases cats (has never caught one)
  • Enjoys rides in the car
  • Enjoys water and wading in the river
  • Tolerates baths
  • Loves carrots and bananas!

In summary, Hunter is really sweet and playful.  He is protective of his family once he bonds to you.  He is a terrific dog that needs a forever family that will continue to work with him and provide him some space to run, play and work.

This is a short video of Hunter playing in his family’s studio. Isn’t he adorable?

Boerboel Rescue - Hunter

Hunter on April 7th playing in his family’s studio while the owner was working. He is very playful and good in the house.

Hunter is currently located in Steamboat Springs, CO. If you think you want to open your heart and home to an 11-month old active pup, please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.

Adoption Update 5/18/2015:  Hunter has been adopted, so the Contact Form has been removed.

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