Update (January 2016):  Zamoni is no longer available.


There is a female Boerboel who was turned into the Franklin County Shelter in Columbus, OH.  She seemed to be good with other dogs when tested by the shelter staff.  She is in danger of getting euthanized if she does not receive help quickly.

A friend volunteered to visit her at the shelter and take some pics and videos, give us her feedback.  Here is what she had to say about Zamoni.

It was hard to get a focused pic…..she was watching the other pups out the window and just seemed curious, never barked.  I am in looove with her! She is a rock star and needs and deserves a home full of love!

Boerboel Rescue - Columbus, OH

Videos of Zamoni at Shelter

These videos were taken by a Boerboel owner and volunteer who visited the Franklin County, OH (Columbus) Shelter on Sunday, May 17, 2015.  She said Zamoni is a well-behaved young lady, and is very loving and seems to have a great personality.

Contact Information for Zamoni – Boerboel Rescue

You can contact or visit Franklin County Shelter if you are interested in adopting.  If you are available to foster, please contact East Coast Gentle Giants and fill out their foster application.

Contact Information: 

Franklin County Shelter in Columbus, OH

East Coast Gentle Giants

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2 Responses to Zamoni

  1. Oh my God, you can’t kill her, someone needs to take her to a No Kill shelter where she’ll have time to be adopted, my God give her a fighting chance! She’s gorgeous!


    • ShopForPuppy says:

      We are working on it. Still looking or a foster, so please share this post and refer people to contact East Coast Gentle Giants if they have room in their heart and home to foster this girl while she get evaluated. Thanks!


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