Boerboels Currently Available

This is a current list of some of the Boerboels that are available for adoption in North America.  I will update this periodically.  These dogs may be courtesy cross posts, available from different Rescues, or owner placements that we are trying to help.  Please follow the link on each dog to get additional information and who to contact if you think you are interested in any of these dogs:

Updated 9/2016:

Male Boerboels Available for Adoption

Apa — Apa is a 3-year-old brindle male imported from Tigerberg Boerboels in South Africa.  He is housebroken, obedient and loves to play.  He loves his family, but he is aloof and suspicious with strangers until they earn his trust.  He will do best in an adult home with someone who has experience with dominant breeds.  Apa is an owner surrender due to a lack of time, and is currently located in Wisconsin.


Zeus — 2 year old fawn male Boerboel/Cane Corso cross living in Maryland (owner placement).

Female Boerboels Available for Adoption


Sydney-NY-IMG_0886-smSydney is a young purebred Boerboel that is available for adoption. She is currently located near Albany, NY.  She is great with her family and those she trusts, but she is very protective of her home and property.   Click on her photo for additional information.



32 Responses to Boerboels Currently Available

  1. Gordon franklin says:

    Please,To whom it may concern,
    I’m not to good on this I’m 74yrs
    Old and in need of some help,
    I lost my best friend ( except for my wife ) a few months ago and I’ve been lonely and depressed ever since,Bo was a 11 yr.old Boerboel and he slept with me and helped me walk around the neaborhood and got his big but on my lap we even had conversations togeather if you can help I’m in your Dept and I’ll say a prayer for you my e mail is Gordon my name and birth date Thank you and God Bless we
    I can’t afford to pay what they want for puppy’s and prefer one a little older I live in Toledo Ohio my number is 419 819 5794


  2. David Buckley says:

    Any new updates on boerboels available for adoption?
    We live in Sherman Tx. Our Rottweiler recently past away and my wife wants to adopt but I’m looking for a specific breed.


  3. Marcela says:

    We had to put our boerboel down a few months ago and we are looking for a boerboel again. Is there an updated list we could see?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ronald steinhauser says:

    I live in Wisconsin and would like to find out more about Apa .


  5. Patricia says:

    Looking for a black puppy
    Please contact me with more information


  6. Red says:

    The website hasn’t been updated in what appears to be almost a year. Looking for a large Boerboel 120+ pounds in Saratoga Springs, NY.


  7. John Felts says:

    Looking for a Boerboel to adopt in the Southern California area. House and yard is dog ready, even for the size of the Boerboel. We are very experienced with working dogs. Our last child was a 120 Lb. German line Red Doberman, named Simon died last Oct. 2016. Our home is empty!


  8. John Felts says:

    Looking for a Boerboel in the Southern California area to adopt! House and yard is dog ready, even for the size of a Boerboel. Our Doberman, Simon died last October.


  9. Josh says:

    If anyone knows of a Boerboel Rescue in TX please let me know. Thanks.

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  10. D.McFadden says:

    I’m living in Anchorage AK and looking to purchase or adopt Boerboel in the area. I would and look forward to any assistance in my search


  11. Stefanie says:

    What to do about Omaha
    I have a female boerboel that has been fixed. She will be 2yrs old on July 31st of this year. She was working as one of my service dogs but has become way to protective of me. She has bite one nephew n neice of mine. Luckily they werent hurt. It could have been very bad. Both instances the kids came running towards me unexpectedly and Omaha sprung into action. I just recently had her go through a board n train. But when it comes to close quarters she is all about protection. I dont want to put her down or give her up. I just dont know what to do. Thought about a rescue or finding someone where she would be only dog, no kids type family. Really feel as though i have failed her and struggling with if i give her another chance it could be very bad if she bites another person.

    I am a vet struggling physically and psychologically and between her n peyton male presa canario they have done wonders for me. I swore to them i would always be just as loyal to them as they have been to me. Am I giving up to easily?


    • Adam says:

      It is obviously tough to consider but have you thought about muzzle training? It sucks to have to resort to that but it is an option. Also, educating people about your animals prior to them being introduced can go a long way towards preventing this issue in the future….with kids, though, it’s obviously more difficult.

      Prior to giving her up I would exhaust the training and educating options available. Boerboel’s are very smart dogs and are quick to learn once you figure out how to communicate.

      I’d definitely say keep trying with her. Best of luck!



  12. Shanelle Hansen says:

    I have tried to contact them..they do not respond to me. Have sent emails. Their phone number refers you back to email. Was very interested in the puppies they had but no one would reply.


  13. Shanelle says:

    Am hoping to adopt a female Boerboel. I live in Colorado and there aren’t any Boerboels to be found here. Love the breed – but my geography is keeping me from loving one of these amazing animals! Please pass my need along if you know anyone who will adopt to Colorado! Thank you!


  14. Stephan Louis says:


    I am located in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada.

    Are there any boerboels available for adoption within reasonable driving distance?

    I’m looking specifically for a young male but am open to other options.



    • ShopForPuppy says:

      Occasionally we have Boerboels in Ohtario, Canada, and also upstate NY. Check back to this site as we post them here as soon as they become available. Good luck in your search, and thank you for considering adoption!


    • Nick B says:

      I have a 3 year old male Boerboel named Apa. He is Brindle color with a white chest. He is a great dog but, I feel due to my long hours at work, he needs more attention and socialization. I brought him back from South Africa after I finished Peace Corps and he has been with me ever since. He has been through obedience training, walks very well on leash and off, and completely house trained. He is very good around female dogs, but has shown some alpha dog characteristics toward other male dogs. He is good with new people, so long as they don’t show him too much attention at first. Once he is comfortable around a new person, he becomes like family. It breaks my heart to see him go, but I know it will be for the best when he finds a better home.
      Please feel free to email me at: I am located in central Wisconsin and would be open to discussing travel arrangements.



  15. Bill Blake says:

    Hello, I am interested in adopting a male boerboel hopefully from a puppy to less than 2 years old fawn in color. Can someone please contact me at Thank you – Bill


  16. Ria says:

    Can someone contact me by Email.?? I work with rescue and have been contacted my an owner with a 3 your old Boerboel spayed and utd.
    She lives with kids and family.. SHe is in 10 day quarantine and if no options will be euth’d.
    She is located in Oakville ontario.canada
    Please email me for details and owners contact info.
    This dogs life is urgent.


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