Fawn Female Boerboel has been Adopted

I wanted to post a quick update that the sweet female Boerboel has been placed. She is living with a retired woman that lives alone, with a Chihuahua and a cat. The woman recently moved from an apartment to a single family home, and thought she would feel safer with a large dog for protection. Her son owns 3 Boerboels, and was looking for a mature dog for his Mom. This sweet girl was gentle with the cat and the Chi when they first met, plus she adores the grandchildren when they visit! She has a nice fenced-in backyard where she can relax and enjoy the sun.

Relaxing at the new home

Relaxing at the new home

This was probably the sweetest Boerboel we have placed to date! She stayed with me for a while, and she was just such a sweet girl and very easy to handle and live with. I just loved her, but she will be happier to live with someone who can give her undivided attention.  Her new Mom is retired and home most of the day.  Plus they live very close to me so I can visit.  This could not have worked out any more perfectly.  I love happy endings!

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Female Boerboel for Adoption

Update July 10, 2014:  This sweet girl has been adopted.  She is now living with a retired woman, a Chihuahua and a cat.  She has her own fenced-in backyard where she can relax and enjoy the sun, plus she gets attention from the grandkids when they come by to visit.  I am so happy for this lovely lady!  Her owner is watching over her from heaven.  :)


This sweet girl’s owner passed away last week and is now looking for a new family where she can share her love.  Her owner was deeply committed to her baby girl, and made sure that she would be taken care of after she passed.  The time has come, and we are now at the crossroad where we need to find her a new home.

Boerboel Rescue Bea Pennsylvania Boerboel Rescue Bea

Zene is tall and stocky, and is a striking red/fawn color.  She grew up with cats and is very good with them.  She is friendly with people.  She is a very large girl weighing in at over 170 pounds (maybe more).  We will try to take a few pounds off of her while she is in foster care, but she will always be a big girl.  While her owner was in hospice care, the caretakers fed her well and lavished her with treats.  She is housebroken and can be trusted with free roam of the house when alone.  She is easy to handle, and seems to take things in stride.  She sleeps quietly most of the day.  She is crate trained, but she can be trusted outside of her crate.  She rides well in the car, finding a comfy place to nap and will ride very quietly.

If you think you have room in your heart to give this girl a new family that she can call her own, please contact us.  She is a very special girl, and we will take care to make sure that her new family is the perfect home for her.  I will be posting photos soon.  She is currently living in Pennsylvania.

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Sophia and Kinetic – Austin, TX

Update July 15, 2014:  Kinetic has been adopted and Sophia has been pulled by a Rescue in TX.  Both are safe!  :)


I was notified about two Boerboels that are in a shelter in Austin, TX.  They are both available for adoption.  If you think you might be interested in either of them, please follow the links and contact the shelter.  There are photos of each dog on the links.

Click here for information about Sophia, a Boerboel for adoption in Austin, TX.  Sophia is ID #A631001.

Sophia is a female Boerboel for rescue at Austin Animal Center, Austin, TX

Sophia is a female Boerboel for rescue at Austin Animal Center, Austin, TX

Click here for information about Kinetic, a Boerboel for adoption in Austin, TX.  Kinetic is Animal ID #A631003.

Kinetic is a male Boerboel for rescue at Austin Animal Center, Austin, TX

Kinetic is a male Boerboel for rescue at Austin Animal Center, Austin, TX

As of June 29, 2014, they are located at Austin Animal Center and still available for rescue.  Based on their intake ID’s, it appears as though these two Boerboels came in together.  Please consider opening your heart to adoption.  These are two very nice looking adult dogs.



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Update July 15, 2014:  Aslandi has been adopted!  :)


This is a courtesy cross post for a fawn female Boerboel that was posted today by Ugly Mutts Rescue.  Aslandi is no ugly mutt, LOL!  She is a gorgeous girl, and it sounds as though she has a good head on her shoulders.  She is only 2-1/2 years old, and should be able to provide a lifetime of love.

Aslandi - Boerboel Rescue

Aslandi is up for adoption with Ugly Mutts Rescue

I do not know where Aslandi is located, but it sounds as though she may be somewhere in Canada.  Ugly Mutts Rescue is a foster-based rescue, so if you think you might be interested in adopting this beautiful gal, please contact Ugly Mutts.  If you follow the link, there is a very descriptive write-up about Landi:   http://uglymutts.com/2014/06/aslandi-landi-south-african-boerboel-mastiff/

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Update July 15, 2014:  Duke has been adopted!  :)


This is a courtesy cross post for Duke, a fawn male Boerboel that is up for adoption as of June 2014. He is with Big Dogs, Huge Paws, so please contact them if you think you might be interested in giving Duke a loving, lifetime home.

Boerboel Rescue - Duke

Duke is available for adoption through Big Dogs, Huge Paws. He is located in TX.

For additional information about Duke and contact information, please use this link:


Duke - Male Boerboel Rescue

Duke – Male Boerboel Rescue

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iPeed App for Dogs

iPeed App for Dogs

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Sandaharr Boerboels – Boerboel for Adoption in UK

I don’t usually post Boerboels that are outside of North America, but the story of this boy is breaking my heart.  Whatever attention I can get for him is better than none.  He is a 3-year-old, neutered male Boerboel bred by Sandaharr Boerboels in the UK (Scotland).  His family is in the process of a divorce, and need to find him a home as quickly as possible.  Some people trying to help contacted the breeder to see if she could take him back while a home was found, but Sandaharr refused to take him back or to help.  Nothing like a breeder that turns their back on pups that they have brought into this world.  Sandaharr claims they are too busy with another litter. Cha-ching. :( In any case, UKBC (UK Boerboel Club) is trying to help.  Our pleas are desperate as he only has a few days left.

Sandaharr Boerboels - Sandaharr Massai

Sandaharr Massai is a purebred male Boerboel that is up for adoption in the UK.


Here is his story:

“Please can you help. Due to change in family circumstances we have found ourselves in the awful position of needing a home for beautiful 3yr old Massai. Lovely temperament, fully inoculated, chipped and neutered. Please could you contact me with on 07798746683/01946 63086. Thank you.”

If you are in the UK or can share with your friends in the UK it will be greatly appreciated.

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