Chaos is a female Boerboel available for adoption in the State of Washington.  Her date of birth is November 18, 2011, so she is just a little over 4 years old.  She is a purebred Boerboel, and she is up-to-date on vaccinations.  Chaos is spayed.  She weighs about 150 pounds, but she could stand some weight.


Chaos was living with two Yorkies and a Border Collie.  Chaos is up for adoption because she did not get along with the Border Collie.  There was an incident when the Border Collie and Chaos were out for a walk.  There been no other incidents between the two dogs, but the owner now feels it is best to keep them separated until other arrangements can be found for Chaos.  There was only one incident, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Chaos is good with older children, 13 years and up.  Younger children scare her, so we feel it is in her best interest that she is re-homed only to families with older children.  Chaos is very calm, and allowed a behaviorist to pick up her feet and touch her all over.  She is housebroken, and good on a leash.  She loves to go for walks, but will need a strong person and additional training as she may pull on the leash.

Chaos lived with horses, and she is good with them.  As always, it is best to supervise any dogs when they are in the company of horses or other animals, but Chaos seems to be trustworthy with her horse pals which she ignores for the most part.  She also lives with cats, and is good with them indoors.  When indoors she will groom them and sleep with them.  When outdoors, she may want to chase the cats for fun.

Chaos has some allergies which require medication, but other than that she is a healthy girl.  Chaos’ owner is willing to share her medical records, along with the contact information for her vet.  If you are considering adoption, please consider Chaos!

Chaos is now with Yakima Valley Pet Rescue.  Please complete the Rescue directly.  Here are the links to Chaos’ page on Petfinder, and a link to Yakima Valley Rescue:

Chaos – Boerboel Rescue on Petfinder
Yakima Valley Pet Rescue

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Female Pup – NC

This female pup was found wandering in northeastern NC, just south of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, VA.  We are not sure what the mix is, but it looks like she may have some Boerboel or Mastiff in her, so felt it would be best to post her information.  The person who found her wandering cannot keep her as they already have several other dogs.  Her owners have not come forward. so she is available for adoption.


Her tail is docked, and her fur is thicker and softer than a typical Boerboel.  We believe she is around 3 months old.  She has large paws, and the heavy dew laps that are typical in a mastiff. If you think you might be interested in adopting a female pup, fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.  She is adorable, and looks like she will make a great farm dog!

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Male Boerboel in Waldorf, MD

This male was found at the night drop-off at the Humane Society of Charles County, MD.  It is hard to say if he is lost and someone found him and dropped him off after hours, or whether he was purposely dropped off.  Since he was “found”, I believe they must hold him for 5 days until they release him for adoption.


If this is your dog or you know who owns him, please check with the Humane Society of Charles County.  If you think you might be interested in adopting this boy, contact the shelter directly.  He is a very handsome boy!  I don’t know anything about him other than he was dropped off the night of Saturday, April 9th.

Date found: 04/09/2016
Location found: Night Drop
Animal No. A31275014 (Male)

Please contact the shelter directly:

Facebook:  Humane Society of Charles County, MD

Website:  Humane Society of Charles County, MD

Humane Society of Charles County
Industrial Park Dr
Waldorf, MD
(301) 645-8181

Thank you for considering adoption!

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Big John

A few days ago, Big John was a sad guy that was in a high kill shelter in Miami, with little hope for a better life.  His pleading eyes show that he was losing hope for a miracle.


Big John – Boerboel Mix saved from euthanasia at a high-kill shelter in Miami

Giant Paws Boerboel Rescue was notified of his plight, and with their big heart, made the arrangements for someone to pick him up and bring him to safety.  Now that he is with the Rescue and has been vetted, they have found that he needs surgery to help him with his ortho problems.

This poor guy is very sick. In addition to being emaciated, he has an upper respiratory infection. He has a fracture of his right femoral head in his hip.  He also has a severe cruciate ligament injury and severe crepitus in his right knee.  His muscle atrophy can be seen in the photo which was taken a few days ago when he was still in the shelter.  He needs surgery on the femoral fracture to remove the fractured ball of the femoral head along with the bone fragments which will be replaced with a prosthetic. His cruciate ligament will also be repaired during the same surgery. The total estimate to help Big John with these surgeries is $3,500 with the reduced rate to the Rescue.

Please consider helping Big John! Giant Paws Boerboel Rescue in Florida is a 501c3 Rescue. Your donation is tax deductible, and no amount is too small. Please click on the following link to help Big John. He deserves our help, as humans have failed him in the past.

Donate to Help Big John

Big John sends his biggest kisses to the loving Rescue, Giant Paws Boerboel Rescue, Inc. that saved him before he was euthanized, and his new connections who can open their heart to help donate for his vet expenses.

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Update March 14, 2016:  Ari has been adopted by a trainer who wants to work with her.  I am so happy for Ari!


Ari is a young female Boerboel or Boerboel mix. She is a gorgeous fawn that is approximately one year old. Ari is currently living in Southern CA near San Diego.

Ari Boerboel Rescue - CA

Ari is very puppyish in her play/behavior. She is currently in a foster home with a male pit bull/Lab mix and they get along great.  Ari is house trained, crate trained and good with other friendly dogs. True to the breed, Ari can be suspicious of strangers. Ari has been evaluated by a trainer/behaviorist. She is super smart and looks for direction from a confident handler. She’s a gorgeous girl and very silly and sweet.

Ari - Boerboel Rescue CA

We are hoping to find a breed savvy family that can provide positive direction to a sweet playful girl like Ari.

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Daisy – Piebald Female

Update (March 2016): Daisy is pending adoption with a family in Pasadena. She is no longer available at this time.


Daisy is a young female Boerboel that is up for adoption in Southern CA. She is only 18 months old, and will make a great dog for an active person with time to devote to her training and energy.

Boerboel Rescue

Daisy – 18-month-old Piebald female Boerboel

Daisy loves meeting new people. She is a little shy at first, but once she gets to know your scent, she will immediately turn into a 125-pound lap dog.

Daisy is a South African Mastiff, otherwise known in Afrikaans as a Boerboel which translates to “farmer’s dog.” This breed is a few hundred years old, being brought to Africa by the Dutch colonialists in the 17th century for protection which is still a feature that is very present today.

She is spayed and micro-chipped. She is a fearsome guard dog and will patrol her “domain” with her sharp natural instincts. She also has a very strong prey drive. Her dominant personality means she frequently tests her boundaries. This translates into frequent behavior modification – she is one headstrong girl. She flourishes when given a job Her new person (people) must have experience with mastiff breeds. That being said, she is exceptionally sweet-natured and sensitive and will smother her owners with kisses (and she has a BIG tongue!)

Daisy needs a yard and moderate exercise. She will require a home without other pets and an experienced owner. Also, as she is such a large and agile dog, she would best fit with an individual or small family without kids as she doesn’t know her own strength.

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Update (February 2016):  Dude has been adopted!


Dude is a 5-year-old male Boerboel that is looking for a new home.  His owners have made the difficult decision to re-home Dude because of some job and lifestyle changes which require extensive travel.  Dude is currently located in VA.

Dude Boerboel Rescue VA
Dude is a sweetheart!  He loves all people, and he is good with kids, cats and other dogs.  His owner put extensive training into Dude when he was growing up as a pup.  He is very well trained.  Dude responds well to both voice commands and hand signals.  As an example, he can be asked to bark on command, and then quiet down on command.  He also knows the basic obedience commands as his owner worked with him from a pup.

Dude - Boerboel Rescue

Dude is an indoor dog, and he has been taught he is not allowed to climb on furniture.  He is completely housebroken and will let you know when he needs to go out.  He is crate trained, and he will go to his crate willingly when asked.

Dude is up-to-date on all his vaccinations and is healthy.  Dude’s owner will provide his AKC registration certificates and medical records to the adopting family.

It isn’t often that we hear about a Boerboel that loves everyone he meets, including people, kids, dogs and cats.  Dude sounds like one special guy, and I am sure he will make a fabulous addition to the right home!


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