Bo in Oregon

Bo is a 2 year old Boerboel that needs a new home. He is very smart and sweet to the few people he knows well. He is playful outside and lazy inside. He is neutered and has his rabies shot.


Unfortunately his family was not prepared for this kind of dog and did a very poor job of socializing him/getting him training. He has some behavioral problems that his owner wants to be completely transparent about.

“Bo is very fearful. He will hide from vacuums or if I change the trash bag. I believe this fear and his breeds instinct to protect, is whats causing aggression towards strangers. He will bark and lunge at strangers. He has a bite on record. He escaped once because a door was left open while I was gone and bit a 13 year old girl. He ran away after this and it was a small bite that only needed a band aid and a shot to ward off any potential infections. Considering his size and strength compared to a small girl and because he ran away and hid after this, I think this was out of fear and not pure aggression. He will lunge and bark at people on walks as well. I have a custom made cage muzzle, a thick leash and a prong collar that I will give with him.

He has never shown signs of aggression to me, my girlfriend, and the 3 or 4 people he has known since he was a puppy. The same applies for my dad’s shepard and my husky. He is very playfull with them but I very much doubt he will do well with a new dog at this point. He will put his mouth around my arm or hand while playing but has never bitten down. He does not know how much he weighs though and can will occasionally jump on us or the dogs if he is very excited. He is pretty obedient outside of his aggression issues and is the smartest dog I’ve had.

My girlfriend had a friend and her husband stay over for a few nights. This was well after his aggression issues started to develop. Bo treated him like a normal stranger, growling, barking, and would likely lunge and bite if he got too close. He loves these kinds of dogs though and apparently while we were at work, he managed to let him out of his cage, let him outside, feed him, pet him and get him back in his cage without issue. Because of this and how minor the bite was with the girl, I think he is just fearful and will be caring to a new person as long as they are careful and give him a chance.

He needs more training and attention then i’m able to give him, I’d obviously be against any one with children and probably another pet reaching out for him. Someone with experience with big dogs or dogs with behavioral problems would be good.

If you would like to meet him, you can meet him with him in his cage first and if your comfortable, out of his cage with his muzzle on. I’m honestly not sure how well it will go since I keep him away from people from the most part. Like I said I will include his muzzle, cage, leash and prong collar.”

If you think you might be able to provide Bo with a lifetime home and the stability and training he needs, please complete the Contact Form below, and the owner will get back to you.

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Update January 20, 2017:  Xander has been adopted!  Thank you to everyone who inquired about Xander.  We are so happy for him, along with his family that did not give up on him.


Xander is a senior Boerboel that is looking for a place to live out his twilight years.  Xander’s Dad passed away a few days ago, and that leaves Xander in need of a new home . At this point we do not know much about Xander other than he was an import from South Africa and seems to be very sweet.  As the volunteer gets to know him better, I will update this post.  He is currently in the Chicago area.

Xander - Boerboel Rescue

Xander – Senior Boerboel

Xander is very new to Rescue, so we are looking for a foster or someone who is ready to adopt.  If you think you are interested in fostering or adopting Xander, please complete the Contact Form and someone will get back to you.

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Jazz is a female Boerboel available for adoption in Oregon. Jazz is great with people and children. Jazz will do best as the only dog in the home.

Jazz has worked in scent work and seems to love the work.  We believe she would also be good at tracking or trailing.  Jazz is smart and has had basic obedience training. She loves meeting people and pets (not cats) in town.

If you think you might be interested in Jazz, please complete the Contact Form and someone will get back with you.

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Boerboel Puppies

Two litters of Boerboel puppies are looking for their forever homes.  These pups are between 20 – 22 weeks old.  There are some brindles, reds and one very light fawn.  The pups are currently located in Indiana  It is a short drive from Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.  There will be a re-homing fee.  These puppies are being re-homed as pets, with no breeding rights.  Adopters will be screened.

If you are looking for a young companion Boerboel, please complete the Contact Form below.  You must be able to provide an indoor home, and a whole lot of love!


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Blade – Boerboel in MD

Blade is a beautiful red male Boerboel available for adoption with Mastiffs to Mutts.  He is available for adoption in the Mid-Atlantic region only.  He is currently with a foster in Knoxville, MD.

Boerboel Rescue MD

Blade is good with dogs and people that he meets.  If you think you might be interested in adopting Blade, please visit the Mastiffs to Mutts website for additional information.

Facebook Page:

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Eowyn – Boerboel Rescue

Eowyn is a young and vibrant female Boerboel that is looking for a home in Colorado.  She is under evaluation with Big Dogs Huge Paws Rescue.

Boerboel Rescue Colorado

For additional information about Eowyn, reference her bio at Big Dogs Huge Paws:

Big Dogs Huge Paws

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Bella is a sweet female Boerboel that is good with kids and dogs!  She is currently available for adoption in the Southeast with Bullpen Rescue.


Bella would love to find her forever home in time for the New Year!  Please consider Bella for your next dog.  Contact Bullpen Rescue for additional information: Bullpen Rescue

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