Zeus is a 3-year-old neutered male Boerboel that is available for adoption.  Zeus is great with members of people he considers family, but he can be reserved towards strangers.  He has lived with children, but we recommend an adult only home.

We are anxious to find him a new home as quickly as possible since his family is moving on August 26th.  Zeus is currently located in Tennessee.  If you think you might be able to open your heart and home for a new man in your life, please consider Zeus.  He will do great in a home with some property and a loving family that he can protect.

Zeus - Boerboel for Adoption - August 2016

Zeus is quite the looker.  We love his stunning eyes!  Instead of buying a Boerboel puppy for sale, please consider Zeus!  If you are interested in providing a lifetime home for Zeus, please complete the form below.  Thank you for considering adoption.

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This is a courtesy cross-post for Bessie, a female Boerboel available for adoption in Maryland.  She is at the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland.  If you are interested in Bessie, please contact the shelter for additional information.  Their contact information is listed below.

Bessie-Animal-Welfare-League-of-Queen-Annes-County-Queenstown-MD-June-1-web Bessie-Animal-Welfare-League-of-Queen-Annes-County-Queenstown-MD-June-2016

Here is what the shelter has to say about Bessie:

Hi there! I am with the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland. We are the only open admission shelter in in the county. We had this sweet Boerboel brought in as a stray. She was extremely emaciated and was not claimed. We have put some weight on her and she is doing quite well now. She is AMAZING with people, including kids. With dogs, I would consider her to be selective. She does well with low key dogs but does not care for dogs who are too active or pushy. We would really like to get this sweet girl into either a home or a rescue. For more information, please contact Kirstyn at kirstyn@awlqac.org.

Contact Information:

Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County in Maryland
e-mail:  Kirstyn at kirstyn@awlqac.org

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Update August 26, 2016:  Maximo has been adopted!  Thank you to everyone who inquired about this cute boy.


Spitsvuur Maximo was imported to the US from South Africa. He is 14 months old, and his owner has made the difficult decision to re-home him. Maximo is currently living in New York City, and his owner feels his friend will be happier in a quiet country home where he can get more exercise and attention.


Maximo is friendly and loves kids. He is crate trained and up-to-date on vaccinations. Since he is still a pup, he will need continued obedience training to bring out the best in him. He is a good boy.

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Maximo is friendly with other dogs, but some dogs are frightened of Maximo because of his size.  At only 14 months old, Maximo weighs 165 pounds. He is currently being treated for a skin condition which will improve with continued cleansing and bathing . The vet that has treated Maximo believes the skin condition is possibly caused by the stress of living in the city.

Maximo can be startled and frightened of sudden noises and rolling carts. For this reason, we believe a quiet country home will be better for him.


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King Kong

Update July 2016:  King Kong is no longer available for adoption.  Thank you to everyone who inquired about him, and thank you for considering adoption!


King Kong is a pedigreed male Boerboel that is looking for a new home.  He is currently located in Wisconsin.  He is a great dog, but his owner has made the difficult decision to re-home him because of a move and change in lifestyle.  He is 3 years old, and he has been neutered.  He was purchased as a puppy from a well known breeder.  He has had some obedience training and has worked with a trainer.

Allens-King-Kong-5-web Allens-King-Kong-6-web
King Kong will do best in an adult home.  He is protective and territorial, and leery of strangers.  He is good with the owner’s female Rottweiler, but he has not been tested with other dogs or cats.  He has a protective nature, so we do not recommend a home with children as he has never lived with children.  He will be a great companion and home guardian in the right hands.  He is a very loving boy with his family.

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King Kong is no longer available for adoption. Thank you to everyone who inquired about him.

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Update (July 17, 2016):  Baloo has been adopted   Woo Hoo!


Baloo is an adoptable Boerboel in MD.  This is a courtesy cross post, but I love the look of this boy!  I like his nice square sit (not slumped over in a lazy sit), and the focus in his eyes.  He looks like he might be a good candidate for further training and work.


If you think you might be able to bring Baloo into your home, please contact the shelter directly.  Baloo is located at the SPCA of Anne Arundel County in Annapolis, MD.

Update (July 17, 2016):  Baloo has been adopted.

SPCA of Anne Arundel County
1815 Bay Ridge Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403

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Sydney is a female Boerboel that is available for adoption in New York.  She is a purebred Boerboel, and she is simply gorgeous! She is a loving and loyal companion.  She will do best if she is the only dog in the house, and all she wants is to be with someone.  She loves to play in the yard and chase a tennis ball!

Sydney-NY-IMG_0886-sm Sydney-NY_0877-web

Sydney is healthy and up-to-date with vet checks. She will be a great guardian and deterrent for your home and property, along with providing a lifetime of love. Please consider Sydney for your next dog!

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Killian – Male Boerboel for Adoption

Killian is an adult male Boerboel that needs a new home.  He was turned him over to a shelter in King George, VA by his owner.  He is good with people and other dogs, but he is not recommended for a house with cats.  He is a purebred Boerboel, and he is housebroken.

Killian Boerboel Rescue Killian - Boerboel Rescue

Here is what a shelter volunteer at King George Animal Rescue has to say about Killian:

“Hello, I’m a member of the King George Animal Rescue League in King George VA and I help to get the dogs at the King George Shelter out to rescues since it’s a kill shelter. There’s currently a Boerboel that was surrendered last week. He’s 6 years old, tested fine with dogs and lived with kids and other dogs before. He got surrendered for eating the owners two cats 😕 so therefore absolutely no cats for him. He’s a very friendly and goofy boy. He definitely acts a lot younger than he is. His name is Killian and he’s 130 lbs. Please let me know if you guys would be able to help this sweet guy. We can get all of his vaccinations and will arrange transport if anyone is found that’s interested.”

This is a courtesy cross-post, so please contact King George Animal Control directly if you think you might be interested in adopting this beautiful boy.

Killian (ID#: 10204546-6-22-16-1)
KGAC #6-22-16-1

Website:  http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/15925012-dahlgren-virginia-mastiff

King George Animal Control (KGAC)
11377 Citizens’ Way
King George, VA 22485
Business Hours: 540-775-2120
KG Sheriff’s Office: 540-775-2049

KGAC Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 10 – 4:30
Saturday 10 -1
Sunday and Holidays Closed

KGAC General Information
The shelter is located at 11377 Citizens Way, King George, VA 22485. If you have an interest in this pet, please call the shelter at 540-775-2120; leave a message if they do not answer and call back during normal business hours. KGAC is a county shelter, and, although their euthanasia rates are kept low, they are still a kill shelter and all animals are considered urgent.


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